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IT Services | Media Design | Smart Automation | General/Other Inquiry

Not sure which category your request fits into – below are a few of the most common requests and their respective service .

IT Services | Quotes or general computer, network, information technology, data storage & redundancy, Point of Sale/Cash Register Systems, VOIP/PBX/video or teleconferencing, and similar requests. Our primary services include: On-Site Business Services, On-Site Home Services, VOIP & PBX Solutions, Network & Storage Solutions, Technology Consulting, and related services.

Media Design | Quotes or general marketing, web or graphic design, SEO/email marketing/social marketing, video services or editing, and similar requests. Our primary services include: On & Offline Marketing (Billboards, Postcards, Fliers, Automated Calling, etc.), Web & Multimedia Design, Video & Audio Services, Graphic & Print Design, SEO, Email & Social Marketing, and related services.

Smart Automation | Quotes or general automation, security/intrusion prevention, surveillance, green/energy efficient services, entertainment or audio/video design and integration, electric gates/card access systems, loss prevention systems, and similar requests.  Our primary services include: Home Automation, Business Automation, Intrusion Prevention & Surveillance.

General/Other | Combination/Specialty Quotes or general information about several services, partnership opportunities, new product or service development, administrative/management, or related information.